It can be really frustrating trying to organise a group of players to commit to playing Paintball. People change their minds and Capetonians are especially famous for leaving arrangement to the last minute.

We believe the easiest way to organise your friends and colleagues and to secure your group booking is setup a group invite using Facebook or even something like Whatsapp. Facebook, though, is the best option, because is sends alerts and messages directly to the person you have invited. If that person accepts your invite on Facebook, then your game date is automatically added to their calendar on the their phones.

It’s also easy to share information about the game venue, the rules, pricing etc. You can send one message to the entire group at once.

Whether you are  company organising an event for team building or if you are just a group of casual players wanting to have some fun, the easiest option for you is Facebook.

We have written a simple guide to get you started with your Facebook invite. Click this link to view the guide