If you play on a field that takes safety seriously, then yes. Paintball is safe. At Paintball Park we take safety very seriously. We ensure all players abide by the rules regardless how experienced they are, or how many years they have been playing paintball. We know accidents happen quickly and for that reason our rules are not negotiable:

  1. Goggles / masks are worn at all times in the field and even when walking off the field. Goggles come off the face only when players enter the safe zone / gun room.
  2. Woman and children are given full face masks, woman are also given chest protectors and jackets / tops.
  3. Casual players can play with experienced players but we follow a strict policy about this. We call it the 10 pace rule. If you are within 10 paces of a player, then you “freeze” that player as opposed to shooting them. Freezing is basically a word that is used to indicate that the player has been shot / marked. Experienced players playing together can decide not to use the 10 pace rule, but this decision must be unanimous. If there are ladies or children amongst your group who would want the 10 pace rule to be played, then it’s obligatory that you play that way.
  4. Carry your marker with the barrel pointed downwards in the safety zone. Own marker players please ensure you use barrel socks at all times in the safe zone.
  5. We have a policy on the velocity of markers. Max velocity on the field is 200fps (feet per second).  If you are with a group of others with own markers then we will be a lenient on this, but not if there are rental players playing with your group, to ensure fairness to them, please reduce your velocity to 200fps. (If the rental players agree to having a lower velocity than your markers, then it’s fine that you use a higher velocity.)
  6. During the game, please try not to offload multiple rounds when eliminating an opponent with a clear shot. This causes aggression on the field of play. A one shot elimination is the same as a 10 shot elimination.
  7. Please try to avoid head shots. We know that computer games where the objective to kill zombies with head shots are fun, but there are two things to note here. A) there are no zombies playing paintball B) Paintball is not a computer game. A body shot is easier and just as effective. Obviously we understand that sometimes a headshot is unavoidable, but in circumstances where you have a clear shot at your target, aim for the body, and not the head.

Players with own markers are more than welcome to play at Paintball Park. Please understand that our target market is rental players.

Own marker players playing at Paintball Park will unfortunately have to sit through the same safety instructions we give to all groups at Paintball Park. Those of you who play regularly will already know everything we say in the safety briefing, but please bear with us. There are some who do not know the basics about paintball and its important for them to understand the game as much as you do to ensure everyone enjoys the game. Just because someone arrives at Paintball Park with a full kit of gear, does not mean they have played the game before and are an experienced, safety conscious player.