Bookings and Cancellations

  1. A minimum deposit of R600 is required for all group bookings. You may contact management to make other arrangements if required, but unless otherwise stated by management, no bookings are confirmed without a R600 deposit.
  2. We require payment of the R600 to be paid via EFT. We do not accept credit / debit cards at present.
  3. The balance of payment can be made on the day of the booking. Again, we only accept cash on the field. Alternatively full payment can be made via EFT prior to game day. Please note: Each player is welcome to register and pay his own fee in full on the game day and we will then refund the organiser the full deposit in cash.
  4. Once your deposit is paid, we do not refund the deposit in the event of a cancellation. This is because we may have already turned down a booking request from someone else because of your booking.
  5. Paintball Park may cancel the booking solely at our discretion because of possible unsuitable weather conditions. If we decide that playing conditions are not suitable due to rain or excessive heat or other conditions, then we will cancel. Please note: we do not accept cancellations from groups based on weather conditions.
  6. If you do need to cancel, then you have the option of using the deposit paid on another available date.
  7. If Paintball Park cancels the event because of bad weather, then we will refund the deposit.

Field Rules

  1. All players and visitors are required to abide by the safety rules at Paintball Park
  2. No sharing of paint with rental players. Paintball Park will impose a fine on both the person giving / selling paint and the person buying / receiving paint.
  3. No sales of gear or merchandise without prior approval.
  4. All players are required to complete an indemnity form prior to commencing play. Paintball Park accepts no responsibility for injuries to players or visitors.
  5. Under 18 year olds are required to complete a minors indemnity form.
  6. The minimum age for playing at Paintball Park is 10yrs