Setup a Facebook Event in a few easy steps. Invite your Facebook friends and enjoy a full day of paintball. We also have a great facilities if you wish to host a braai

Bush Style Paintball

Experience real bush warfare

45 minutes from Cape Town

An easy drive along the N7

Safety First

A safe option for children and woman

Reliable, Robust Markers

Our markers are well maintained

How can I easily organise a group to play paintball at Paintball Park

It can be really frustrating trying to organise a group of players to commit to playing Paintball. People change their minds and Capetonians are especially famous for leaving arrangement to the last minute.

We believe the easiest way to organise your friends and colleagues (and to secure your group booking) is to setup a group invite using Facebook or Whatsapp. Facebook is the best option because is sends alerts and messages directly to the person you have invited. If that person accepts your invite on Facebook, then your game date is automatically added to their calendar on

Facebook is the best option because is sends alerts and messages directly to the person you have invited. If that person accepts your invite on Facebook, then your game date is automatically added to their calendar on their phones.

It’s also easy to share information about the game venue, the rules, pricing etc. You can send one message to the entire group at once.

Whether you are company organizing an event for team building or if you are just a group of casual players wanting to have some fun, the easiest option for you is Facebook.

We have written a simple guide to get you started with your Facebook invite. Click this link to view the guide

What's the easiest way to get to Paintball Park
What are the terms and conditions for playing Paintball Games at Paintball Park?

Bookings and Cancellations

  1. A minimum deposit of R600 is required for all group bookings. You may contact management to make other arrangements if required, but unless otherwise stated by management, no bookings are confirmed without R600 deposit.
  2. We require payment of the R600 to be paid via EFT. We do not accept credit / debit cards at present.
  3. The balance of payment can be made on the day of the booking. Again, we only accept cash on the field. Alternatively, full payment can be made via EFT prior to game day. Please note: Each player is welcome to register and pay his own fee in full on the game day and we will then refund the organizer the full deposit in cash.
  4. Once your deposit is paid, we do not refund the deposit in the event of a cancellation. This is because we may have already turned down a booking request from someone else because of your booking.
  5. Paintball Park may cancel the booking solely at our discretion because of possible unsuitable weather conditions. If we decide that playing conditions are not suitable due to rain or excessive heat or other conditions, then we will cancel. Please note: we do not accept cancellations from groups based on weather conditions.
  6. If you do need to cancel, then you have the option of using the deposit paid on another available date.
  7. If Paintball Park cancels the event because of bad weather, then we will refund the deposit.

Field Rules

  1. All players and visitors are required to abide by the safety rules at Paintball Park
  2. No sharing of paint with rental players. Paintball Park will impose a fine on both the person giving / selling paint and the person buying / receiving paint.
  3. No sales of gear or merchandise without prior approval.
  4. All players are required to complete an indemnity form prior to commencing play. Paintball Park accepts no responsibility for injuries to players or visitors.
  5. Under 18-year-olds are required to complete a minors indemnity form.
  6. The minimum age for playing at Paintball Park is 10yrs


What are the costs involved to play at Paintball Park?

There are different categories and classes of players. There are casual groups with players who generally need to rent everything and then there are more experienced groups who have their own paintballs and their own markers.

Rental Players: 

The game fee is R110 for a full day. You can play as many games as you want in the time that you have. Bookings are generally from 10am to 5pm. Your game fee includes the following:

  1. Marker
  2. Unlimited CO2
  3. Mask / Goggles
  4. Jackets / Shirts
  5. Chest protection (for ladies)

Own Markers:

The field fee is R60. We also charge a corkage fee of R60 if you wish to use your own paintballs.


For rental players and non-rental players, we charge R40 per 100 paintballs.


Is it safe to play Paintball?

If you play on a field that takes safety seriously, then yes. Paintball is safe.

At Paintball Park we take safety very seriously. We ensure all players abide by the rules regardless how experienced they are, or how many years they have been playing paintball. We know accidents happen quickly and for that reason, our rules are not negotiable. If you’re not happy with that stance, then you are welcome to play at a different field. 

Sometimes the owner of Paintball Park (Alfie Parris) is accused of being over-cautious and spends too much time speaking about safety. Well, the fact that we have been operating since 1985 and we have not had one single injury incident speaks for itself. 

  1. Goggles / masks are worn at all times in the field and even when walking off the field. Goggles come off the face only when players enter the safe zone / gun room.
  2. Woman and children are given full face masks, woman are also given chest protectors and jackets / tops.
  3. Casual players can play with experienced players but we follow a strict policy about this. We call it the 10 pace rule. If you are within 10 paces of a player, then you “freeze” that player as opposed to shooting them. Freezing is basically a word that is used to indicate that the player has been shot / marked. Experienced players playing together can decide not to use the 10 pace rule, but this decision must be unanimous. If there are ladies or children amongst your group who would want the 10 pace rule to be played, then it’s obligatory that you play that way.
  4. Carry your marker with the barrel pointed downwards in the safety zone. Own marker players please ensure you use barrel socks at all times in the safe zone.
  5. We have a policy on the velocity of markers. Max velocity on the field is 200 fps (feet per second).  If you are with a group of others with own markers then we will be a bit more lenient on this, but not if there are rental players playing with your group.  To ensure fairness to them, please reduce your velocity to 200 fps. (Of course, If the rental players agree to a lower velocity than your markers, then it’s fine that you use a higher velocity.)
  6. During the game, please try not to offload multiple rounds when eliminating an opponent with a clear shot. This causes aggression on the field of play. A one shot elimination is the same as a 10 shot elimination.
  7. Please try to avoid head shots. We know that with computer games the objective is to kill zombies with head-shots, and it’s really fun, but there are two things to note here. A) there are no zombies playing paintball B) Paintball is not a computer game. A body shot is easier and just as effective. We understand that sometimes a headshot is unavoidable, but in circumstances where you have a clear shot at your target, aim for the body, and not the head. And please feel free to shoot any zombies you do happen to find in the field anywhere you please 🙂

Players with own markers are more than welcome to play at Paintball Park but please understand that our target market is rental players.

Own marker players playing at Paintball Park will, unfortunately, have to sit through the same safety instructions we give to all groups at Paintball Park. Those of you who play regularly will already know everything we say in the safety briefing, but please bear with us. There are some who do not know the basics about paintball and it’s important for them to understand the game as much as you do to ensure everyone enjoys the game equally. Just because someone arrives at Paintball Park with a full kit of gear, does not mean they have played the game before and are an experienced, safety conscious player. 

For another view on the safety aspects of Paintball – please see this article

Please report any errors or omissions to Paintball Park. Please note that errors and omissions are excluded. Paintball Park reserves the right to change the details contained on this website at any time.